This gallery focuses strickly on the Japanese work I do.

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The Color gallery is some of my non-Japanese work.

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Black and Grey

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In Progress

This gallery shows the progress of some of my larger projects.

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Cover Ups

This gallery has just a few of the cover-ups the I do. I do a large am ...

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Traditional Japanese hand tattooing. Irezumi is the Japanese word tha ...

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Work Room

A peak at my work room where I studio is private so is my ...

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My studio is private and not open to street traffic. All consultations ...

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Art For Sale

*Pick up at my studio is always available or for an additional fee I c ...

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Art & Commissions

I also work in other mediums beyond skin. If you're interested in comm ...

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Convention Schedule

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Your Bio

Welcome to my website. Have a look around, make yourself at home, and contact me If you would like to get work from me.

I started tattooing in the early 90's sometime after I left my career in advertising. I caught on quickly and found that with my classic art training the techniques I had been using for years could be applied to tattooing. After working in this craft for 23 years I take pride in the knowledge I give 100% of my attention and ability to my clients on their journey.

I am one of the most decorated tattoo artists in Central Pennyslvania. My work draws clients locally, across the U.S. as well as from Canada, Europe and South America. I am the only female tattoo artist on the East coast that offers Tebori(traditional Japanese tattooing) as well as Horimono work.

My clients and their work have been featured in some of the top 10 Tattoo magazines in the world; "Rebel Ink", "Tattoo Planet", "International Tattoo Art", "Skin Art", "Skin & Ink", "Body Talk", "Inked", "Tattoos For Women" and many more. As well as being captured for some of the more well known Asian Tattoo Magazines.

I specialize in large scale Japanese and Eastern themes. I've been studying Eastern and Hindu cultures since I was a youngster, but any collaboration with a client is welcome. I love doing all styles of tattoos from Japanese, Portraits, New Skool to the Dark Side. I like having a more creative scene in my studio allowing clients to work directly with me. I like being able to talk with my clients and get their feedback, allowing us to brainstorm, to really make their work speak of them. I feel it allows for a much easier process especially when it comes to large custom work. I'm always available for consultations either in person by email, or phone.

Styles Of Tattoos I DO: Japanese, Custom, Black and Gray, Portraits, Neo-Traditional, New School
Styles Of Tattoos I DON'T DO: Celtic, Western Tribal, Armbands, Native American, Logos, Fantasy,
The reason why I make this statement is that I feel it's important for clients to seek out an artist that's right for them not just someone who has the right price or who's willing to do whatever.

My mission is to inspire my clients as much as they inspire me. I would like to think my job is to give 100% of myself to my clients, if I see a client that might be making the wrong decision in getting a tattoo I will speak up. A successful tattoo that someone wears for a lifetime is more than just a bunch of lines it speaks volumes about who that person is. The symbolism behind each element is important and the iconology plays a very important part of wearing a tattoo.

I'm very fortunate to have serious people collecting serious tattoo work.

I'm the owner artist at Chrome Gardens Body Arts
Located at 147 York St.
Gettysburg PA. 17325

My studio is an exclusive, private and professional establishment. It is not open to walk-in traffic.
I provide my clients with a calming, zen-like atmosphere with a one-of-a-kind layout, including a lounge. This keeps the energy of my studio positive and allows me to work without interuption, devoting 100% of my attention on my tattooing.

You can email me directly to set up an appointment or consultation at
* I answer all my emails within 24 to 48 hours after receipt, if you don't hear back from me, please check your spam folder.


You can also follow my babble at